Ice Shuttle & Transport Systems

Ice Transport Systems

Discover the Real Difference

Since 1988, Kloppenberg has manufactured the NSF approved, innovative SPS system. Serial number “1” is still in operation. We can customize ice transport systems to suit your needs.

Size and Style Diversity
Carts come standard with rotationally molded polyethylene or stainless exterior, poly interior, and are NSF approved. Our carts offer simplicity and durability.

Cart Strength
Our classic cart handles are fabricated from one piece of tubular stainless steel and fastened at 4 points by stainless steel machine screws. 99.92% of our carts are still in use – many since 1988. Our poly carts have the handle molded in and won’t dent or scratch.

Many size alternatives to fit many needs. The SPS system can be adapted to change with your ice needs. For example, expansion sleeves can be added, or height can be adjusted.

All Stainless Steel Exterior
Stainless steel exteriors are standard on all SPS models. These premium materials make for an attractive yet durable product. Most interiors have roto molded seamless poly liners that do not dent and are not affected by chlorine or aggressive water. Other models are stainless steel with optional POWDURA® NSF-61 certified corrosion resistant coating.

Solid Stainless Steel Welded Construction
Bases are stainless steel welded construction for maximum durability and longevity.

Hands free dispensing and movement of ice with covered carts from ice maker to “use” area makes the SPS technology clean and sanitary.

Safe and Convenient
Available with handy ice canisters (Totes), the SPS system is safer to use and saves time and money.

Simple Hose Down Sanitation Stand
Thick walled tubular construction of stand resists damage of daily operation. Designed for easy hose down cleaning which means no dirty rags or crawling underneath to clean.

Easy Access for Ice Agitation
Retractable upward baffle is to provide maximum access for ice break up and service. The baffle is easily removed for quick access.

Guillotine Durability
Once it is open, it interlocks with the cart. Entire guillotine is easily removed by flipping a latch. No tools necessary!

Access Door is Safe
This unit is constructed with no sharp edges to reduce walk-by injuries. Door interior is smooth for easy cleaning and edges are sealed for strength and sanitation.

Long Lasting Gaskets
The Kloppenberg multiple grooved gasket stays cleaner and lasts longer than traditional refrigerator gaskets. This component and the entire system is NSF approved.

Efficient Design for Tight Spaces
The ice transport systems are available in a variety of depths to fit your needs: 36″ or 48″ giants. The area needed to pull the cart from the unit is minimal. It is actually one half foot less than our competitors’ products.

Summary of Kloppenberg Advantages
Kloppenberg has an innovative approach to “whole system” development.

Risk management is a concentrated feature.

Size diversity available – there’s a unit for everyone!

Custom ice transport systems are available.

Model Number Capacity Width Depth Height Weight
One Cart Models
SPS-1 500 30 36 65 320
SPS-1-G 900 30 48 82 370
Two Cart Models
*SPS-2 1500 60 36 71 530
*SPS-2-SL 2500 60 36 92 690
SPS-2 SLV Only 730 60 36 21 180
SPS-2-G 1800 60 48 71 740
SPS-2-G-SL 3000 60 48 101 960
2-G SLV Only 1200 60 48 30 280
Three Cart Models
SPS-3 2000 90 36 71 950
SPS-3-SL 3400 90 36 101 1190
3-SL Only 1400 90 36 30 400
SPS-3-G 2400 90 48 71 1100
SPS-3-G-SL 4300 90 48 101 1570
3-G SLV Only 1700 90 48 30 500