Why Stainless Steel?

Life of materials – At times stainless steel is overlooked due to a slightly higher cost than other comparative material options, however due to the life and durability of stainless steel it is almost always the better value

Sanitation – Stainless Steel is an anti-corrosive metal which maintains the best hygienic standards due to it’s non-porous nature which prevents germs, viruses and bacteria from adhering to the materials.

Aesthetic – The brilliantly durable material of Stainless Steel is still sleek in appearance and with proper care of your stainless steel the look can be maintained for years to come.

Strength – The strength to weight is exceptional allowing for a lowered consumption of materials which often translates into a lower cost.

Heat and corrosion resistance – Kloppenberg offers Stainless Steel in two separate grades and while all stainless steel is heat and corrosion resistant 316 will offer you a greater resistance to chemical corrosion in more severe environments.

Low maintenance – In the business world this will ultimately affect the true price of your furnishings as any time or labor costs money. Stainless steel will maintain its beauty and integrity with minimal upkeep.

Environmental Impact/100% Recyclable Materials – Nearly all stainless steel (95%) comes from recycled product, which means this materials choice reduces the environmental footprint.recyclable-icon

Versatility – Because we can polish stainless steel with an assortment of finishes, you can get the strength and durability in a variety of looks.

Heat and Cold Resistance – High chromium and nickel alloy grades containing at least 18% chromium, as seen in type 304, can resist temperatures up to 870°. Type 304 and 316 can handle cryogenic temperatures well and can be considered the “Cryogenic Steels”, making it a wise choice for arctic temperatures or any situation where stainless steel is required in extremely cold environments.

Made in America – Kloppenberg is proud to provide 100% made in the USA product to our customers.made-in-usa-icon


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