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Ice Contained

In business since 1941, Kloppenberg has the storage products, ice bins, dispensers, carts and ice transport systems you need. Our selection includes single and double upright ice bins, dispensers that distribute by the bag or container full, carts with poly or stainless steel options, as well as replacement parts. We also provide accessories such as bin dividers, cart buckets, ice scoops & more! When it comes to your ice storage needs, Kloppenberg’s got it!

ISE Catalog

ISE Products
Upright Bins
Shuttle Systems
Replacement Upright Parts
Ice Storage Warranty
ISE Cut Sheets
30″ Upright Bin
36″ Upright Bin
48″ Upright Bin
60″ Upright Poly Liner Bin
60″ Upright Stainless Steel Liner Bin
72″ x 34″ Upright Bin
72″ x 40″ Upright Bin
72″ x 48″ Upright Bin
78″ Upright Bin
96″ Upright Bin
SPS-1 & SPS-1-G
SPS-2 & SPS-2-G
SPS-3 & SPS-3-G
Ice Storage Dispenser-DISP-500
Ice & Water Dispenser-DISP-500-IND
Ice & Water Dispenser-DISP-500-CSPL
Ice Storage Dispenser-DISP-1000
Ice & Water Dispenser-DISP-1000-IND
Ice Storage Dispenser-DISP-2000
48″ Ice Fill Station (IFS1000 & IFS1200)
72″ Ice Fill Station (IFS1700, IFS2400, IFS2500 & IFS2700)
96″ Ice Fill Station (IFS3500, IFS 3400 & IFS4800)
Sloped Front
Marine Bins
Poly Carts
Technical Documents
Baffle Removal Instructions

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