ISE Advantage

Ice Storage and Shuttle Equipment

Completely Custom or Supplement Stock Equipment


You will find Kloppenberg & Company provides a superior product made with reliability and efficiency in mind. Within our ISE Advantage line, we don’t just do large capacity ice storage and shuttle equipment, we do it well. Surpassing the quality of ice storage product offered by our competitors time and time again. Kloppenberg & Company strives to meet the needs of our customers and provide them with a product they are proud of each and every time. You need a bin customized? We can do that. Want a private label? We offer that too.

With over 7 DECADES as a leader in the stainless steel industry, we are very familiar with the hygienic, cleanliness and easy to maintain needs of the food service industry. Having created stainless steel large capacity ice bin storage for many of the nation’s largest food service and beverage chains as well as amusement parks and stadiums, our experience is unrivaled. 

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