Kloppenberg | Our Story

Founded in 1941, Kloppenberg has been manufacturing stainless products for over 80 years.  Our long-standing manufacturing team produces hand-made quality products with the highest grade materials.   Throughout our history we have produced a variety of different product lines including ice storage solutions, residential flashing, lab and case work, furniture and water features, all with the high quality reflective of the Kloppenberg reputation.

Steadfast to tradition, over the last few years we returned to our roots by focusing on superior-quality ice storage, ice transport and ice dispensing systems.  We continue to proudly serve a myriad of industries including healthcare, recreation, oil & gas, agriculture, construction, marine, hospitality and food service with our exceptional product.

In 2022 we became part of The Middleby Corporation which offered us the opportunity to expand our brand and highly respected product line worldwide.

In line with Middleby, Kloppenberg respects and practices efforts in sustainability.  Building quality long lasting products, recycling materials, and operating efficiently is a top priority. Investing in research and development to bring innovative, highly efficient products to the market is a key focus, as it will helps our customers meet their sustainability benchmarks.   

Kloppenberg operations are based in Denver, Colorado. Every day, with every customer we endeavor to carry on the legacy of our founding family: Quality is the Best Buy. Our strong roots have prepared us for the future, and we are excited to serve our industry as it continues to evolve.  We are proud to be your partner.