Warranty Information

Accents In Water® water features are proudly made in the U.S.A. and are the only water features that come with the following warranties:

  • 25 years on the tower and reservoir covering defects in material and workmanship
  • Brand name face materials such as 3-Form, Avonite and Corian are subject to the manufacture’s warranty terms
  • 3 years on the pump(s)
  • 1 year on the ultraviolet sterilizer(s)
  • 1 year on the feature component parts

All warranties start on the date of purchase when installed and maintained in accordance with the Accents In Water® Installation and Maintenance instructions.

Accents In Water® is not liable for any damage incurred by improper installation. Note: Not adhering to Accents In Water’s® maintenance instructions can void the warranty. The use of any chemicals or compounds in addition to, or in lieu of, the PathoBan AG254™ cleaning system will void the warranty. Also any outside maintenance programs must be approved by Accents In Water® or the warranty will be voided. Please refer to the AIW Maintenance Instructions .