Completed Projects

Altus AFB Dental Lab
Aspen Spa
Banner Desert Medical Center
Belle Terry Women’s Center
Berry Biodiversity
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Blood Research Institute
Broken Arrow Fire Station
Brown University
Bush Gardens Tampa Zoo
Cal State University
CalTech Church
CalTech Anderson
CalTech Gradinaru
Capitol Hill Kaiser
Castle Rock OR
CCF Wooster Clinic
Cherney Microbiological Services
Children’s Hospital
Children’s Mercy Hospital
City of Houston
City of Las Vegas City Hall
Columbine Elementary
Comance City Memorial
Concordia Pharmacy
CSN Lab Renovations
CT Public Health Lab
DaVita World Headquarters
Denver Zoo
Donor Alliance Donor Recovery
Douglas County Memorial
El Paso Fire Station
Exempla MC
Flat Irons Surgery Center
Fort Lee Medical Dental Lab
Franklin Hospital
Fruitland Casino
Ft. Lewis College
Gibson Science
Good Samaritan Medical Center
Hope Oncology
ILCC Vet Tech
ISU Vet Medical
Jefferson High School
Johns Hopkins
Kaiser South OR Cabinets
Lake Washington Tech
Langlade Hospital
Latino Health
Marquette General Hospital
Maui Community College
McCarran Airport
MCSO Crime Lab
Medical College of Wisconsin
Modern Art Conservation
Morris County Public Hospital
Mountain View Fire
NASA Lab Renovation
Naval Medical Center San Diego
Nelson Laboratories
North Carolina Hospital
Peninsula Humane Society
Phoenix Biomedical Campus
Pinnacle Eye Care
Presbyterian Rio Ranch Medical
Portland VAMC
Presbyterian Rio Ranch Medical
Queens College
Rocky Mountain Lab Building
ROMP Central Lab Expansion
Roudebush VAMC
Scotland Memorial
Sentara Operations Room
Sewerage & Water Board
SF General Hospital
Silver Cross Hospital
Skaggs Pharmacy
Smith College
Snow College
Sonoma County Lab
South Carolina Aquarium
St. Anthony’s Hospital
St. Anthony’s Breast Center
St. Catherine’s
St. Joseph Hospital
Stony Brook Hospital
Stoughton Hospital
Texas Tech Univ. Science Bldg.
Texas Vet
Torrance Memorial
Trident Medical
Tulane Primate Research Center
UCD Dental Medicine
UCD Dental Medicine
UCD School of Dentistry
UCLA Orthopedic
UCR School of Medicine
UCSB Stem Cell
UCSC Biomedical Sciences
UMass Morrill
University of Alabama
University of Colorado
University of Colorado
University of Kansas
University of Hawaii
University of Texas
University of Puerto Rico
University of San Diego
University of Shelby Science
University of Utah Museum
US Shelby Science
UVU Pope Science Building
VA Palo Alto
Vail Hospital
Valley Health
VAMC Dental Suite
Vitro-Life Inc.
Visual Arts Center University of Wyoming
Walter Reed Medical Surgical
Westminster PD
White House Security
Wisconsin Institute for Technology


Cal Tech


Coca Cola Labs


St. Anthony’s



four seasons hotel

Four Seasons Hotel


Cal Tech

SCI-Fab Completed Work



“They’ve never let me down on any project.  We usually consider four RFP’s and find Kloppenberg is always competitive, they give good lead times and match requested timelines for products. We use them for schools, hospitals, universities, and in greenhouse ‘wet’ environments.”

– Rick Wolfram, Wynn Jones, customer for more than 10 years.

“High quality, dependable, low maintenance – we can trust them to follow through without a lot of oversight.  They are consistent and ship their products all over the U.S.  We use them in laboratory applications, healthcare settings, counter tops, and worked together on a big custom stainless steel project at Denver International Airport.”

– Joan Norblom, ISEC, Inc., Colorado customer for more than 30 years.

“Almost all of our jobs are custom; they are always dependable and deliver on-time.  We use them in labs, schools, universities, healthcare.”

– Tim McCoy, ISEC, Inc., Arizona customer for more than 37 years.

“They make a product we really need (stainless steel furniture) and we use it exclusively for our lab furniture.

Scott Roark, Laboratory Design & Supply, customer for more than 11 years.

“We appreciate their honesty – when they give you a price, their word is good.”

Melissa Morris, Nycom, Inc., customer for more than 10 years.