Health Breakthrough Combines Cascading Water and Air

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Denver Colorado
Contact: Brian Wilde, Accents in Water, World Headquarters

Visit American hospitals, healthcare, and hospitality settings today where something soothing has been combined with something new: calming, cascading water on a mission – not just to beautify a space or provide better feng shui, but to actually help purify the air.

While traditional water features present an attractive, aesthetic quality to any indoor space, ordinary water features can also promote breeding grounds for some microbes, including bacteria and fungi. Enter Accents in Water.  Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, the sixty-seven year old company is a division of Kloppenberg, a custom metal fabricator.  The company also prides itself as a ‘Completely Made in America’ manufacturer who ensures the quality of its new, one-of-a-kind water features with an industry-breaking 25-year warranty and incomparable health benefits.  “No longer is it an ongoing challenge to maintain functional water features sanitary conditions to meet strict healthcare requirements,” says international sales manager Guy Bertelli.  These hospital-approved water features by Accents in Water are the only patent-pending anti-bacterial (Pathoban AG254™) re-circulating indoor water systems exclusively designed for being able to inhibit microbial growth during operations. The Accents in Water systems can entrain airborne particles and microbes, as well as inhibit microbial growth making them preferred by hospitals, healthcare facilities, restaurants, and other public business environments.

The patent particulars include how Accents in Water engineered its hygienic water features by covering interior surfaces with SANIGUARD, an inorganic antimicrobial coating that inhibits biological growth.  As an added level of protection, the tank utilizes an ultraviolet system, which continually inactivates waterborne microbes within the feature’s reservoir.  Company president, Joe Kloppenberg says, “Bioaerosol tests and disinfection modeling conducted at the University of Colorado’s Civil Engineering Laboratories validated the ability of our water features to harvest pathogenic airborne bacteria and other particulate matter from indoor air which results in locally cleaner air.”

One of the world’s top scientists in this field, Dr. Mark Hernandez, PhD, PE, is a professor of environmental engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder and the principal investigator charged with identifying the potential environmental impacts a water feature can have on the indoor environment.  “These water features had a measurable impact on the numbers of airborne bacteria in the room hosting the device; our results suggest the opposite of conventional opinion regarding the operations of architectural indoor water features, which are often suspect for the enrichment and aerosolization of some microbes.  When operated properly, these particular features humidified the air, and had a net entrainment of bacteria and other respirable-sized particles,” said Dr. Hernandez.   This fall, Dr. Hernandez will present his findings at the AAAR 27th Annual Conference (American Association for Aerosol Research) in Orlando, Florida, and also at The Center for Healthcare Design, the premiere conference devoted to how the design of responsible built environments directly impacts the safety, operation, clinical outcome and financial success of healthcare facilities now and into the future, in Washington, DC.

The health benefits for people, both physically and psychologically, have convinced healthcare designers like Barbara Huelat, in Alexandria, Virginia, to choose Accents in Water features.  Author of “Healing Environments: Design for the Body, Mind, and Spirit, Ms. Huelat has served more than 200 healthcare clients during her 30 years in the field.  The infection control properties offered by Accents in Water made it a perfect fit for Potomac Hospital, a client in Woodbridge, Virginia.  Ms. Huelat explained, “The water feature is a gorgeous floor to ceiling size with a curved alcove and I selected it for the worship space of a non-denominational Chapel in a community hospital where it provides a very quiet backdrop for people who are dealing with extremely stressful situations.”

President of Rassel & Associates in Indiana, Gary Rassel is a 27 year veteran of innovative healthcare and hospitality interior design products. “Quality is what I try to give to all my clients and after our research in the water arena where we examined numerous water walls, the one that kept coming up is Accents in Water, not just for its construction or beautiful aesthetics, but for its purification system.”  Purchased for a foundation that owns numerous hospitals and community healthcare organizations throughout northwest Indiana, Rassel said, “What matters to us the most, is having the data to support the merits of the product; that it’s accurate and truthful.”  Rassel added, “Restaurants, casinos, theaters, and large banquet facilities are a given for interior designers like myself to put these water features into environments where they draw the smoke and bacteria out of the air.”    Beyond pretty, he says business owners can appreciate the environmental value of the product, even if customers only see it as a beautiful piece of art.

Dr. Marcie Pullman is an air quality scientist and graduate of Cornell University who joined Dr. Hernandez’ bioaerosol lab to conduct longitudinal tests on these water features’ relative ability to catch and hold onto airborne organic carbon.  Ms. Pullman explained, “I found an appreciable amount of organic carbon was captured by these water features throughout the summer (2008); and what was caught was not simply microbes, but many other airborne particles including soot, sulphur and nitrogen.”  She added, “These tanks provide a valuable service by removing particulate matter, which can be harmful to health.”

Additional air quality tests conducted by an independent testing firm, Quality Environmental Services, showed that “when the UV light sterilization system was continuously active for several days, the recovery of culturable bacteria from the water feature reservoir was controlled.”  Molds stayed beneath the culture detection limit of 18 CFU-ml throughout the testing.

The Accents in Water features come in various prebuilt designs and sizes or can be customized to nearly any specification.  As word spreads of the unique functionality of these new water features for healthcare, hospitality and businesses throughout the U.S., the company is stepping up production capabilities to serve similar markets around the world.

To date, hospitals and healthcare facilities that utilize Accents in Water features include:

St. Mary’s Hospital, Hobart, Indiana
St. Joseph’s Hospital, Phoenix, AZ
Potomac Hospital, Woodbridge, VA
Community Healthcare Systems, Munster, Indiana
Kessler AFB Hospital, Mississippi
Jay County, Hospital, Portland, Indiana
Riverview Regional Hospital, Gadsden, AL
Jordan Valley Medical Center, West Jordan, UT
Provena St. Joseph’s Medical Center, Joliet, IL
Monongalia General Hospital, Morgantown, WV
Mission Hospital, Ashville, NC
Lourdes Medical Center, Pasco, WA
St. Vincent’s Hospital, Little Rock, AR
Robinson Memorial Hospital, Akron, OH
Medical Center of the Rockies, Loveland, CO
Riverside Medical Center, Kankakee, IL
St. John’s Hospital, Detroit, MI
Cedars Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles, CA
Galena Strass Hospital, Galena, IL
Elmhurst Hospital, NY, NY
Haver Cancer Center, Haver, MT
University of Florida Shands Cancer Center, Gainsville, FL

For more information, contact Brian Wilde, International Sales Manager at 1-800-622-3440 or click here