Custom Indoor Water Features

Let your imagination be your guide when designing a one of a kind indoor water feature. Accents In Water frequently assists design professionals with the engineering and creation of custom water features that will integrate seamlessly within its environment.

All indoor water features from Accents In Water® are equipped with our patent pending PathoBan AG254™ Anti-bacterial System.

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APIA Cultural Center

Columbus Towers 


Hoag Hospital

Jing Restaurant Presh Spa St. Mary's Hospital

Jing Restaurant

Presh Spa

  St. Mary’s Hospital


Available Surfaces

Art Glass – Art Glass affords the ability to combine texture and/or color to a glass water feature. Please keep in mind that the more organic the pattern is, the less that you will be able to see the water ripples.
Please consult with Accents In Water for additional information or vendors.

Avonite and Corian – Solid surface materials such as Avonite or Corian offer a wide variety of colors and textures to water walls. Horizontal grooving creates unique textures in the water’s appearance. Please visit the Avonite or Corian website at or When selecting an Avonite or Corian color, please keep in mind that the lighter the color, the fewer ripples will be seen. These materials also only come in a 1/4″ thickness. To provide the needed support to help keep the face from bowing, we adhere the panels to a stainless steel back plate that is reinforced with bracing hat channels.
Please call Accents In Water for additional information.

Bubble Walls -The beauty and simplicity of air and water, a bubble wall is the perfect solution for those areas where exposed water is not an option. Bubble walls are constructed out of acrylic panels with multiple chambers that fully enclose the water. Air is then released into the chambers allowing the bubbles to float to the top of the chambers. These bubble panels include LED lighting to provide additional color to the unit.
Please contact Accents In Water for guidelines.

Fiberglass – The beauty of fiberglass is in its ability to be formed. Fiberglass is suitable for interior or exterior use.
Please consult with Accents In Water for guidelines.

Glass – The maximum size for glass is 189″ x 86″. Panels can be grouped to achieve larger sizes. Please keep in mind that when stacking glass panels to increase the height of the unit, Accents In Water requires side posts where the additional support is added to ensure that the glass is safely secured into place.

Lumicor – Explore the unique colors, textures and patterns Lumicor has to offer. Please visit the Lumicor website at to explore the full line of products. When selecting a Lumicor product, please keep the following suggestions in mind: 1) The material thickness should be a minimum of 1/2″ for a water feature. 2) If the panels are to be joined to create the desired width or height, there will be a seam that may cause the pattern to not line up exactly.
Please consult with Accents In Water for additional information.

Rain Curtain – Rain Curtain water features are constructed with mylar string in which the water flows down to create a subtle look of free falling water. These units can be made in any shape and to a height of 50’.

Screen Mesh – Available in a maximum width of 48″. Screen material is available in copper and stainless steel.

Tile/Stone – Tile or stone can add spectacular color and texture but must be carefully selected and properly installed in order to minimize splashing. Keep in mind that the smoother the material the less splashing that will be present within the water walls.

Please call Accents In Water for tile and stone guidelines.


Configuration – A water feature can be configured in different shapes. From our standard rectangular shape to curved, Accents In Water will work to create a water feature to meet your design needs.

Copper – Our copper water features are given a natural salt base patina which brings out the natural beauty of copper.

Powder Coat – The addition of color is useful in branding or to integrate your water feature into its surrounding environment. Contact Accents In Water for a color chart.

Stainless Steel – Stainless steel is the foundation of our water features. The durable nature of stainless steel is what enables us to guarantee each water feature with a 25 year warranty.


Sandblasting – The most common method of specifying a logo is sandblasting to the back of glass. Sandblasting produces a frosted appearance against the clear glass. Sandblasting can also be used on stainless steel to produce a tone on tone effect.

Standoff logos – Logos or graphics can be pinned away from the face material allowing the water to run behind the logo.
Please contact Accents In Water for guidelines in specifying a standoff logo.

Vinyl – Vinyl logos or text can be applied to the back of the glass. Vinyl is the best choice when single or multiple colors are required.


The illumination of water features is often best addressed architecturally. Depending on the water feature, lighting can be integrated into the structure of the water feature.

Warranty Information

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