Company History

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One of the country’s oldest stainless steel fabricators, George Kloppenberg opened his sheet metal fabrication plant in Denver, Colorado shortly after World War II.  ALL Made in America, this manufacturer today produces all the elements for its four distinct product lines in its 110,000 square foot Denver production facility. Every product starts in their high quality stainless steel metal fabrication division.

The company serves a growing number of industries: healthcare facilities; laboratories and hospitals; colleges & schools; hospitality/food service; military/residence dorm & VA housing; and the newest division Accents in Water®“, manufactures the world’s first scientifically proven, patent-pending, one-of-a-kind water feature offering anti-bacterial (PathobBan AG254®) re-circulating indoor water systems. Read full story

Whether you are in need of a stainless steel fabricator to customize durable stainless steel crafted furniture that can outlast tough Military personnel, or dependable ice bins, or custom stainless steel countertops and shelving, Kloppenberg will build to your specifications, or, you may choose from a wide selection of popular products shown in our catalogs.  Producing all of our products in-house, providing reliable and prompt service, competitive pricing, and the best warranties is what defines: The Kloppenberg Difference.


Kloppenberg – More than a name, a legacy borne by the hard work, dedication and fortitude of George Kloppenberg who established his sheet metal business in 1941. Shortly after he was called to serve our country but upon returning home a World War II veteran George continued on with his dream: hard work, superior quality stainless steel and vision, all key ingredients still present in the implementation of Kloppenberg’s current mission and operating values. At present time Kloppenberg & Company calls an 110,000 square foot facility nestled within Englewood, Colorado, home. 7 decades ago George and Zona Kloppenberg worked side by side in the manufacturing plant to create a product they felt was worthy of their namesake. To this day we toil hard to make a superior stainless steel product that would make our founders proud.