A Specialty Stainless Steel Sink Fabricated by Kloppenberg

SCI-FAB Stainless Steel Furniture & Fixtures

  • Life & Animal Sciences
  • Health Care & OR
  • Pharmaceutical...

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ISE Advantage - Large Capacity Stainless Steel Ice Storage & Handling

ISE ADVANTAGE: Ice Storage and Handling

In business since 1941, Kloppenberg has the storage products, ice bins, dispensers, carts and ice transport systems you need...

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Cascading Water & Air Cleaning

Accents in Water

Beyond anything else on the market, this new health breakthrough by Kloppenberg combines cascading water and air cleaning to provide hospitals, healthcare facilities, restaurants, businesses and general public settings a one-of-a-kind air purification indoor water system...

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Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication

Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication

Kloppenberg has a full-service, in-house design department serving local, national and international clients with diverse, stainless steel architectural metals in just about every imaginable size, shape, and design...

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Diamond Hard Stainless Steel Furniture

Furniture Crafted in Stainless Steel

Buy it once. Use it for a very long, long time. Kloppenberg’s complete line of made-to-order and custom furniture crafted in stainless steel is a perfect fit where ever space and durability matter...

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Kloppenberg has a full-service custom and architectural metals business that serves local, national and international clients. We are a stainless steel fabricator of made-to-order and custom furniture, including stainless steel cabinetry, casework, countertops, sinks, laboratory furniture and stainless steel ice bins, is a perfect fit wherever space and durability matter.

Kloppenberg also caters to your ice storage and handling needs by offering a variety of ice bins, dispensers and ice transport systems. Another stunning product available is our one-of-a-kind patent-pending air purification indoor water system. It is unlike anything else on the market!